Typical System Prices (PC, CE, Mobile)




  InstantHMI Solution (Windows PC)
(HMI/SCADA Applications on Windows PC)
    InstantPanel System (Windows CE)
(Touch Panel Machine Control Applications)
    InstantHMI System (Mobile PDA)
(Mobile Monitoring and Control Applications)
  Development System - Complete     7" Touch Panel     Commercial PDA  
  5W-DS-Std-NN-DD : $2100
(Designer and Runtime Engine for PC)
    5C-IP7iCE-Std-DD : $1299
(InstantPanel 800x480, integrated Runtime)
    5M-HP-210-Std-DD : $950
(HP PDA, 624 MHz, integrated Runtime)







  Runtime Engine     10.4" Touch Panel     Rugged Industrial PDA  
  5W-RT-Std-NN-DD : $1300
(Runtime Engine for Windows PC)
    5C-IP10iCE-Std-DD : $1649
(InstantPanel 800x480, integrated Runtime)
    5M-Tr-R400-Std-DD : $2310
(Trimble Recon 400MHz, integrated Runtime)






LaunchPad Designer for PC   LaunchPad Designer for CE   LaunchPad Designer for Mobile
5W-LP-Std-NN-DD : $900
(Design Tag Database and Screens for PC)
  5C-LP-Std-NN-DD : $600
(Design Tag Database and Screens for CE)
  5M-LP-Std-NN-DD : $450
(Design Tag Database and Screens for PDAs)
InstantHMI Driver list