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InstantHMI New Features and Enhancements

  InstantHMI Communication Manager

The InstantHMI Communication Manager (CommMgr), which is responsible for the implementation of the Comm Interface has been completely re-architected. It performs all communications in a streamlined and efficient manner, and also allows multiple data sources and multiple channels to be used simultaneously.  InstantHMI now fully takes advantage of multiple-core/multiple-cpu systems.

See Section 8.1 in the Manual for more information.


  Runtime Alarm API

The InstantHMI Runtime Alarm API allows programmatic access to the status of all alarms in your project.  You can use this to make custom alarm reports, import alarm data into a database for analysis or use the information in any way that your project requires.  The Runtime Alarm API provides you the flexibility to meet your specific custom project needs.

Contact us for more information.

  Multi-Monitor Support

InstantHMI now supports multi-monitor display configurations.  Utilize the extra screen space to display multiple screens at once.  Monitor your overall process on one screen and zoom-in on a specific area to diagnose a problem on another screen.  Visualize your process more completely utilizing multiple monitors.


See Section 9.11 in the Manual for more information.


  Tag Access and Logging

Configure Tag Access to restrict data entry of tags to specific users who are authorized and to log any data entry made.  There are 10 access levels that can be configured to allow for multiple levels of security and access to process variables.   Ensure that only authorized personnel can modify your process and prevent accidental data entry.  All data entry can be logged for later auditing to help enhance and/or troubleshoot your project.

See Section 9.6.2 in the Manual for more information.

  Enhanced Data Logging

Using Time and Event based data logging and an improved database architecture, InstantHMI can now store millions of records into a Microsoft Access database (SQL is also supported).  With our new Exception Based logging you can save unnecessary writing to the database and extend the amount of time you can log.  Automatic database compression and backup (at specified intervals) saves you maintenance time and headaches.


Learn more about Exception Based Data Logging.


  Excel Reporting

Use your own custom Excel spreadsheets as a template to store spool data directly into a spreadsheet.  This data can then be analyzed using your own tools or you can extract data and create your own custom sub-reports.  Easily configure multiple reports to create the perfect reports in a formats specifically tailored to your customer needs.



Learn more about Excel Reporting.


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