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"When we decided to construct a handheld wireless control system for onshore and offshore usage in a classified area, we knew we needed two very unique solutions for our project.

1.  We would be operating in a Class 1 Division 1 area; therefore, we would need a handheld control panel or a PDA rated for the classified area that would 
     be capable of successfully functioning as an HMI device. No small feat,
2.  We would also need an HMI software capable of running the above handheld device with logging and maybe more. This software would also have to
     coordinate with our already designed PLC system from other similar non-wireless or non "classed" systems. Drivers and Communication was soon to be key
     to the development.

As the design process proceeded we also discovered that we needed at least a Class 1 Division 2 wireless PC. This PC was to interact with and control our system, along with the PDA including data logging for pressure and position recording and monitoring />
Originally we were unaware of any acceptable products, handheld devices or software capable of handling all aspects of our project.

Eventually, we discovered the solutions to our conceptual problems within the span of a couple of days. We found "Software Horizons, Inc." and their flagship product "Instant HMI".

Located in Massachusetts and specializing in PDA based HMI software and systems they were an obvious starting point for our software implementation.

The next day we discovered a Class 1 Division 1 rated PDA was available for sale in the USA. Upon inception of the project, "Software Horizons, Inc." actually acquired the devices for us, set them up for our unique protocol and even provided the proper conversion devices to allow the correct drivers to seamlessly communicate "Instant HMI" with our PLC based system.

At this stage of the project, our customer now has the luxury of controlling the positions of 16 very high pressure devices from a safe distance in a classed area with precision, dependability and the luxury of position data, pressure data, and other pertinent system data in the palm of his hand.

The customer is also thrilled to have had input on the screen design in conjunction with our staff using the programming and development stage. The system also includes a portable Class 1 Division 2 wireless touch screen PC also equipped with "Instant HMI" for the customer’s use inside of a control room nearby. This PC is equipped with data logging also from Software Horizons.

Previously the operators of this hazardous activity were bound to long runs of cable and air lines as well as other needed lines. Today everything to operate the system is located on a single skid. The control interface action of the system is 100% located on the Class 1 division 2 PDA and the portable Div 2 PC. Everything is wireless.

During this complicated and innovative process "Software Horizons. Inc." was extremely supportive and highly instrumental in all facets of its development and evolution."

- BJ (FCI)

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

You guys are the best!!!. I followed your e-mail instructions. Flipped the switch (so to speak) and WOW - everything worked exactly as you said it would. I am jumping with joy! Naturally I have found some problems on my end but that's good - now I can move forward. I also plan on changing the Box (thanks for that also!!!!) from input/monitor to just monitor - I'm not sure what I was thinking and I appreciate you pointing that out.

Your support has been outstanding and you have no idea how much of a relief it [is] dealing with people of your caliber. You have certainly made a believer out of me. I have lots of work to do, so I must get busy now. I will stay in touch and let you know how every thing turns out.

"Thank you for everything."

- David B.(RIA)


  I want to thank you and --- for the assistance .... George H.(MPM)

I want to thank you and --- for the assistance with the implementation and application of your software to match our project needs. The response on the addition of hand shaking for data logging, and addressing communication problems was very refreshing. I run into a lot of headaches when implementing new software and/or systems and the help and support your company has given me has made using your software a fun experience. I am excited to not only have found your company for this project, but I can see many other applications on other projects this will open up.

- George H.(MPM)


  "We are using the WinCon with Instant HMI to run our ..... Mark J.(NASA)

"We are using the WinCon with InstantHMI to run our Vacuum Induction Melter now. Software Horizons made a software workaround for the intermittent CF card error we were receiving. Now everything is working great. Thanks for all your help."

- Mark J.(NASA)


  "Our IHMI-4 to IHMI-5 Upgrade began it's commissioning on October ..... Jayson T. (MPMW)

"Our IHMI-4 to IHMI-5 Upgrade began it's commissioning on October 14th at approximately 2:00 pm Pacific time. Your team has done an excellent job on the upgrade overall, love the clean look of it and like the approach you took with the new Well 8 graphics."

- Jayson T. (MPMW)


  "Looks great! Am very excited about this project! ..... Mike O. (AHC)

"Looks great! Am very excited about this project!

Regarding the Alarm Log: I would like an Alarm Message to be displayed that shows:

We will run a test matrix this week and show you the results.

Thanks! Great Job!"

- Mike O. (AHC)


  "Just a quick note to let you know that I received the InstantHMI package this morning. ..... Ron B. (PSI)

"Just a quick note to let you know that I received the InstantHMI package this morning.

The most difficult part of setting up the equipment was opening the Fed-Ex box. After unpacking everything I plugged in the provided cables and components to my device, turned on the Pocket PC device and much to my amazement all the info from my device was displayed on the HMI screen. Out of the box and up and running in less than 20 minutes, wow!!. On top of this the screens look great.

Thank you for your efforts in getting the product to me on such short notice, I was very impressed."

- Ron B. (PSI)


  "Thank you for taking the time to make sure I ordered everything ..... - Dave W. (RRC)

"Thank you for taking the time to make sure I ordered everything I needed to make my Palm IIIxe communicate with our PLC equipment. When I received the shipment I cleared my calendar for the next day anticipating an entire day would be needed to make it work. I was pleasantly surprised how easy this software, the cabling, and the infra-red attachments were to setup. By 9:30 AM I was showing off this technology to the rest of the staff.

This will allow our robots to be programmed and serviced without lugging a cart full of equipment around."

- Dave W. (RRC)


  "I would greatly appreciate your assistance in upgrading ..... Carlos T. (Gonzaga U)

"I would greatly appreciate your assistance in upgrading our OI-2000 Software to the Instant HMI software. If this can be done … Thank you so much for your willingness to help the education of our engineering students."

- Carlos T. (Gonzaga U)


  "I would like to thank you for all of the personal support on ..... - Dan B. (Johnson City)

"I would like to thank you for all of the personal support on the OI-2000 software. I would recommend this software to anyone who would like a SCADA software that truly does perform as you think. This software was a dream to setup. The best thing that makes OI-2000 so great is the support after the sale. Your staff has been very helpful with the very few problems that we encountered when we started the UNICOI Water Plant job. Even after we suffered a major hardware problem your staff talked us though the reload process and had us up and running in a very short time."

- Dan B. (Johnson City)


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