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InstantHMI 6.1 is 'Cloud Ready' and provides 'Anywhere, Anytime’ connectivity to the process and machine control information taking advantage of the unique features of the various platforms: mobility, wireless connectivity and barcoding capabilities of the PDA, compactness and power of the CE, and full-featured functionality of the PC platforms.

InstantHMI and GoToMyHMI Product Manual

Complete documentation on InstantHMI and GoToMyHMI product features and benefits.

InstantHMI Manual: GoToMyHMI Manual
InstantHMI Quick Start Guide

Step by step guide to implement an HMI solution for a simple Water Supply System application. Includes screen design, project setup and runtime testing.


InstantHMI Video Tutorials (pdf)

InstantHMI video tutorial includes InstantHMI Overview, Install and Activate, Create New Project, Design Screen and Test Screen.



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