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GoToMyHMI Connectivity
GoToMyHMI Web Server:
Industrial Plant and Machine Operators on call (and Roving Operators) have a need to receive critical alarm notifications wherever they are so they can act on them promptly. This includes acknowledging the alarm and taking corrective actions to rectify the causes of the alarm and restore normal operating conditions. The Plant/Machine will be monitored and controlled at site by InstantHMI on a Windows XP, 7, 8 or CE Application platform. The roving/remote operator is alerted on his mobile device by email or SMS Text notification of alarms generated by the InstantHMI. The operator can then take immediate action from any web browser or Smartphone. GoToMyHMI Web Server will save precious time under critical conditions and thus lead to savings in material and/or human cost.

GoToMyHMI can be configured without making any changes to existing in-plant HMI / SCADA system using Software Horizons’ InstantHMI development tools. All GoToMyHMI user access information and passwords are set up by their company’s administrator, for complete security control including restricted VPN access, if desired.

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