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HMI Technology for PC, CE, PDA and Smartphone


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Install: Installation CD/download includes LaunchPad development and Runtime Engine for Windows PC. You may also install Runtime Engines on any supported platforms (Windows PC, Windows CE, PDA, or Smartphones).
Design: LaunchPad development system allows you to design your HMI project on a Windows PC and deploy it on your target runtime platforms (Windows PC, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Palm OS and Smart Phone).
Setup: InstantHMI provides various communication links from your Runtime platform to your machine/process controllers including: Serial Cable, Ethernet TCP/IP, Infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID / Barcode Scanning.
Run: InstantHMI Runtime Engines are available for PC, CE Touch Panels, Mobile PDAs and Smart Phones to perform HMI tasks: Monitoring, Reporting, Data Entry, Trending, Alarms, Data Logging, Recipes, etc.

InstantHMI - HMI/SCADA Software for Windows PC, Windows CE and PDA: Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional HMI on Windows PC, CE and Mobile. InstantHMI 6.1 is ‘Cloud Ready’ so you can also benefit from Cloud Computing. Use GoToMyHMI: our ‘HMI-Gateway in the Cloud’ from any Browser on any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Laptop PC, etc.) to access your HMI-Server (InstantHMI 6.1 Runtime installed on Windows PC or Windows CE touch panels).

  Highlights of InstantHMI

1. ‘Design Once, Deploy Anywhere’ platform scalable new generation HMI Technology for Windows PC, Windows CE (touch panels), PDA (Pocket PC and Windows Mobile) and Smart Phone Platforms.
2. All the powerful and convenient features that you expect in a standard PC-based HMI-technology: Monitoring, Data Logging, Real Time & Historic Trending, Alarm Management, Reporting, Control, etc.
3. The Windows PC based LaunchPad Development System is used to design your Project screens and Tag database to be deployed on any of the target platforms which has an installed InstantHMI Runtime engine. The LaunchPad allows pre-testing of the tags and screens on the Windows PC platform before deploying on the target PC, CE or PDA platform.
4. InstantHMI 6.1 reinforces our motto 'Simplify' while furthering our objective of providing ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ connectivity to process and machine control information.
5. Ease of ‘language localization’ brings the benefits of our multi-platform English-language HMI solution, to any Unicode supported language.
Why Upgrade to InstantHMI 6.1: Users of earlier versions of InstantHMI can transfer their project (Tag databases, screens, etc.) easily to InstantHMI 6.1 framework and take advantage of all the new functionality, including ‘Cloud Capability’, powerful new object assemblies for screen development, object visibility, rotation, shading , 'Simpler is Better' architecture, ease of localization to a non-English language and numerous other enhancements.

  Selected Feature Benefits of InstantHMI

1. The screen data object display format is independent of the raw data of the tag object in the Tag Database. You can view data from a data source in different formats on one or more screens.
2. Enhanced Data Table Viewer in Screen Designer to monitor/modify tags and transfer to the Tag Database (5.0.9).
3. Real Time and Historic Trend Plots on PDA as well as PC, Alarm Logging Object , enhanced Tanks, Scales, Gauges, Faders, Knobs, and other widgets, Print Screen feature for 'Instant Runtime Status Dump' (4.1)
4. Project Protection to prevent screen/tag modifications and provide intellectual property protection for OEMs (4.1)
5. The Title Bar, Menu Bar, and Status Bar may be hidden and revealed at Runtime using a right click on screen (4.1, 4.2).
6. InstantHMI software release is made available in Unicode as well as non-Unicode versions (4.2, 5.0).
7. Scripting tool is enhanced. You may use any (long) variable names for local and global variables (4.2, 5.0).
8. OLE, COM, ActiveX component support enhanced with improved user interface and functionality (4.2, 5.0)
9. 'Simpler is Better' architecture and related enhancements (5.0, 5.1)
10. 'Tag Alias' feature and related enhancements (5.0.1- 5.0.5)
11. Use dynamic runtime association of Object Assemblies with multiple Tag Groups for streamlined monitoring of similar sub-systems (5.0.5 - 5.0.9). Enhanced Object Assembly Library with assignable tags (5.1).
12. Use Watch Lists in Runtime to monitor/modify controller tags from different groups (5.0.5 - 5.0.8). A single watch list (in an object assembly) can provide a comprehensive, yet simple, interface to let you monitor thousands of tag variables, for dozens of controller stations in a concise and familiar manner (like browsing through the Controller user manuals).
13. New Project Wizard guides you step by step to quickly create and run a new project in minutes (5.0.9).
14. Enhanced Widgets (Buttons, LEDs, Gauge, Knob, Active Box, Active Circle etc.) with settable properties and testable preview (5.0.10 - 5.1.5).
15. Enhanced Recipe Manager with Recipe Templates and Recipe Names for Design and Runtime ease of use (5.0.16).
16. Enhanced Macro Manager with a new macro database and an enhanced Script Editor (5.1.4). These utilities are accessible directly from the LaunchPad as well as from Screen Designer.
17. Enhanced Help System (F1 key most anywhere) for Design and Runtime ease of use (5.1.4).
18. Image formats may be .bmp, .jpg, or .gif (5.1.4).
19. ‘Cloud Ready’ for remote access from any standard browser (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Laptop PC, etc.) (6.0).
20. PgUp/PgDn to switch to next/previous project screens in Screen Designer (6.0.3).
21. Text, Box, Circle, V/H Bar, V/H Meter objects with Rotation and Shading attributes (6.0.7).
22. Attribute Tags may be assigned to objects to dynamically set ‘Visibility’ property for objects; this property provides the capability to design ‘pop-up windows’ at runtime.
23. Screen Objects and entire screen may be pre-tested for communication errors in the Designer (6.1).
24. InstantHMI 6.1 supports Alarm Management Features compatible with ANSI/ISA - 18.2 - 2009 standards, a Task Scheduler that eliminates need for Scripting in Reporting etc., and RTF (fonts, colors, pictures, …) in Report Templates.
25. Windows Key management (Ctrl+Alt+Del, Task Bar control, etc.) implemented (6.1.20).
26. Logging data into user created Excel sheets and filtering seleted columns and rows for customized reporting (6.1.20).
27. Streamlined database design for Data logging with dynamic compression and archiving allows millions of records to be logged/analyzed over days and months (6.1.21).
28. Mini-LaunchPad added to CE runtime platform for ease of modifying Data Source etc. after project deployment (6.1.27).
29. All known and customer reported bugs have been fixed and many feature requests implemented.
We appreciate the feedback from our valued customers. With these powerful enhancements, its 'Simpler is Better' architecture, and being ‘Cloud Ready’, InstantHMI 6.1 hopes to be your preferred HMI/SCADA solution on the ground and in the cloud.


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