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InstantHMI Datalogging
InstantHMI Data Logging:
Our simple database design accommodates a large number of datalog records in the size-limited MS Access database.

  - Access 2003 (and earlier) supports only 1 GB database size.
  - Access 2007 (and later) supports 2 GB database size.

Database will be archived when its size reaches specified limit.

Example: Customer A Requirement for 1 Month’s data

Total Datalog Tags   : 70
Tag Sample Rate       : 20 Tags Every Second, 50 Tags Every 30 Seconds

Calculation for 1 month of Datalog records (30 x 24 x 60 = 43200 Minutes)
20 Tags (Every Second)  :               43200 x 20 x 60 = 51,840,000 Records
50 Tags (Every 30 Seconds) :             43200 x 50 x 2 = 4,320,000 Records
                         Total Datalog Records in Database = 56,160,000 Records

Millions of records can be logged over days and months for analysis using our Historic Trending Utility or other tools.

‘Upper Deadband’ and ‘Lower Deadband’ allow you to log data only when it changes. This allows logging data over longer period of time in the size-limited database.

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