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Use Touch Panel solutions with InstantHMI Runtime Engine pre-installed and configured for your application. Replace your old control panels with cost-effective InstantPanel® Touch Solution and receive the benefit of next-generation hardware and easy-to-use software with options and features that provide for future expansion.


  TouchPanel Hardware

InstantHMI Touch Panel solutions are ideal for your machine control applications. Several screen sizes, two serial ports (RS-232/485 configurable), one Ethernet port and three USB 2.0 ports provide a wide variety of communication options. Built-in Compact Flash card slot and 44-pin IDE interface provide multiple storage options.


  PDA Mobile Hardware

InstantHMI solution bundles are available on several PDA platforms (Commercial, Rugged, Intrinsically Safe, Smart Phones, etc.). Or use Ready-to-Go InstantChip for your compatible PDA. We can create customized solutions to meet your requirements (RFID, Bar-coding, GPS Integration, Clipboard Replacement etc.).


  Rugged/Intrinsic Safe PDAs

PDAs provide low cost, portable and mobile platforms for InstantHMI runtime. Companies such as Symbol, Intermec Technologies and TDS provide PDAs that trade off some compactness for ruggedness while incorporating additional functionality such as barcode scanning. For application requiring ruggedness we provide InstantHMI bundled with TDS Recon rugged PDAs. InstantHMI solution bundle with Ecom Instrument can meet your intrinsic safety requirements.



Use InstantHMI technology provided on CF/SD memory cards with Compatible PDAs in your application.



Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the auto ID systems (like bar codes, smart cards, etc.) used to help machines identify objects. This technology is used in PDA based InstantHMI for automatic data capture to identify objects and transfer this information to a PC without data entry. Such a system naturally increases efficiency and reduces data entry. Scanned RFID/Barcode may be used to initiate machine test sequences or inventory control.


  Bluetooth Cable Replacement

Bluetooth technology (built in many PDAs) provides RF communications in the 2.45 GHz spectrum (using Frequency Hopping). Class 1 devices have a range of about 30' feet, while class2 devices have range of 300' feet. InstantHMI technology uses socket serial Bluetooth adapters to provide Bluetooth capability to convert serial port on legacy controllers. Such a wireless link eliminates the need for a serial cable link to the controller.


  Clipboard Replacement

Manufacturing activities (such as maintenance and troubleshooting) still depend on manual data collection involving a 'Clip-board'. The dictionary defines clipboard as a writing board with a spring clip at the top for holding papers or a writing pad. InstantHMI installed on a PDA with barcoding and/or RFID is easily adapted as a tool for maintenance and troubleshooting equipment. InstantHMI Clipboard Palette tools make it easy to create clipboard forms.


  PDA Systems (Hardware + Software)

Several InstantHMI solution bundles are available on PDA platforms. We can assist you in creating customized solutions to meet other requirements such as RFID, Barcoding, GPS Data Integration, etc.

Commercial PDA system       from $950
Rugged PDA system               from $2300

CE 7.0" (5C-IP7iCE-Std-DD);   : $1299
CE 10.4"(5C-IP10XCE-Std-DD) : $1799


  Communication Links (Serial, WiFi, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, ActiveX, OPC, Infrared, etc.) and Drivers

InstantHMI provides connectivity over various communication links:  wired serial or Ethernet, or wireless infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, ActiveX and OPC are supported. Comm Drivers are available to support many communication protocols.

Serial (RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485) links are supported.


TCP/IP is a network communication protocol that allows nodes (computers and other devices) on an Ethernet network to exchange information among them. TCP/IP can be used in a LAN (Local Area Network) or through the Internet. InstantHMI implements TCP/IP, which allows the transfer of data between InstantHMI nodes (PC, PDA or Windows CE) across the room or across the world.


EtherNet/IP is an 'Encapsulation Protocol' which carries forward the flavor of TCP/IP (and UDP/IP) very well. The EIP encapsulated message packet transmitted over the Ethernet media is embedded in a TCP/IP packet.

EtherNet/IP implementation in InstantHMI enables access to AB Logix controller tags without requiring  ladder logic change. Data access includes Class and Object Attributes thus simplifying and streamlining HMI functions across your entire industrial network. Access to Legacy Controller Files (PLC5e, SLC5/05, MicroLogix etc) is supported.


ActiveX controls inherit much of their design from OLE documents, which allow applications to embed their data transparently in other applications. ActiveX Controls are COM objects with an User Interface. The InstantHMI Screen Designer and PC Runtime Engine are ActiveX containers. The Screen Designer as a container will allow you to insert ActiveX Control objects into the screen document.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a standard OLE/COM interface communication protocol that allows OPC Servers and OPC Clients to exchange information relevant to field devices, and process controllers. InstantHMI implements OPC Client Data Access to OPC Servers.


Bluetooth technology is built into many PDAs and provides RF (Radio Frequency) communications in the 2.45 GHz spectrum (using Frequency Hopping). Class 1 devices have a range of about 30 feet, while class2 devices have range of 300 feet. Serial Bluetooth adapters provide Bluetooth capability to serial ports on legacy controllers and this eliminates the need for a serial cable link.


 WiFi and Infrared wireless links are useful when devices are inaccessible or in hazardous locations.  InstantHMI is capable of communicating via Infrared (IR) or WiFi to Controllers. IR and WiFi Connectivity Kits from Software Horizons help convert almost any Controller into a wireless device.

  List of Drivers  |  Details in Manual Section 8 

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