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for Windows PC, Windows CE, PDA and Smart Phones


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InstantHMI architecture includes support for ActiveX, OPC, User DLL and OEM DLL, which provides for easy extensibility to meet your application requirements. With support for Windows PC, Windows CE, and PDA (Pocket PC, Smart Phones, Palm OS) platforms, InstantHMI gives you the flexibility to provide complete application-specific solutions for your customers. We can provide solution bundles including InstantHMI software application and hardware (CE Touch Panels, Rugged PDA, Intrinsically safe PDA, Barcode scanners, Bluetooth adapters etc.).

If you are an OEM/Reseller

We provide customization services at no or reduced cost based on your quantity requirements.


InstantHMI Design for Watlow

InstantHMI  for Watlow converts Palm and Pocket PC handhelds into a powerful yet simple Human Machine Interface for Watlow controllers. Beam the handheld at the built-in IR port of the Watlow SD and voila!, you have a low cost Human Machine Interface.  More...

InstantHMI  for Wago converts Pocket PC handhelds into a powerful yet simple wired or wireless Human Machine Interface for Wago controllers. More...

InstantHMI Design for Wago

Watlow HMI


Wago HMI


Other OEM Applications include:

  • Attendee Tracking

  • Industrial Sewing

  • Vacuum Deposition

  • Traffic Monitoring

  • SECS Interface


The application note "Human Machine Interface is a Crucial Link" describes most of the applications listed above.


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