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  InstantHMI Video Tutorial (pdf)

InstantHMI video tutorial includes InstantHMI Overview, Install and Activate, Create New Project, Design Screen and Test Screen.


  InstantHMI Overview (pdf)

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional HMI on Windows PC, CE and Mobile. InstantHMI 6.1 is ‘Cloud Ready’ so you can also benefit from Cloud Computing. Use GoToMyHMI: our ‘HMI-Gateway in the Cloud’ from any Browser on any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Laptop PC, etc.) to access your HMI-Server (InstantHMI 6.1 Runtime installed on Windows PC or Windows CE touch panels).


  Create Data Source and Identify Tags (pdf)

InstantHMI provides connectivity over various communication links: wired serial or Ethernet, or wireless infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, ActiveX and OPC are supported. Comm Drivers are available to support many communication protocols.


  InstantHMI Selected Features (pdf)

1. Alarm Management
2. Task Scheduler
3. Report Designer
4. Datalogging
... and More


  GoToMyHMI - Video Tutorial (pdf)

Use any standard browser on any device to access InstantHMI. No downloads, no tedious installs, no plug-ins. Login and you have the HMI in your hands wherever you are: factory cafeteria, or parking lot, or on the beach, or even the golf course!


  InstantHMI New Project Wizard (pdf)

The New Project Wizard will guide you step by step to quickly create and test a new project for your application in minutes. Click on Help to review each Step and then click on the Action button (example: Step 1: Create New Project, Step 2: Define Data Source, Step 3: Data Viewer, Step 4: Screen Designer, Step 5: Runtime Engine).


  InstantHMI Screen Designer and Runtime Engine (pdf)

The Screen Designer allows you to place widgets and other objects on the screen to view/modify application I/O data. You may also create and attach scripts to screen objects to transform and present data to your operator in convenient format. You may create macro based touch zones and buttons for switching screens, entering data, saving recipes and other functions. You may setup data sources, screen passwords, recipe control flags, data entry tab order, TCP/IP links with InstantHMI nodes, etc.

InstantHMI projects may be run on any of the supported platforms. Runtime engines are available for Windows PC, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Smartphones and Palm OS. Each runtime engine (including PDA) can stand-alone or networked with other runtime engines. It utilizes a communication link and a driver DLL to link the operator with the raw data source (programmable and other I/O controllers used in the application).

  Screen Designer | Runtime Engine 

  InstantHMI Used in selected Applications (pdf)

InstantHMI can be used in a wide array of Applications.
1. Thermal Control Unit Management System
2. Gas Detection - Monitoring and Control
3. Airline Remote Monitoring and Control System
4. Raw Material Handling System and Batching Furnaces
5. Waste Water Management System
6. LIMESTONE SBS Additive System and more


Quick Links:  List of Drivers | InstantHMI Manual | Downloads| GoToMyHMI

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