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  InstantHMI used in Selected Applications

Thermal Control Unit Management, Waste Water SCADA, Gas Detection - Monitoring and Control, Raw Material Handling, Batching Furnaces, Coal Emission Reduction, Airline Remote Monitoring and Control, etc.


  Application Note - HMI in the Cloud-The Secret SAAS

GoToMyHMI provides Secure, Easy and Fast access from any Browser to InstantHMI 6.0, ready to serve you on the cloud today.


  Brochure - InstantHMI® and GoToMyHMI

InstantHMI and GoToMyHMI
a 'Perfect Match' made in the Cloud!
(Brochure: Dec 2011)


  InstantHMI Touch Panel Solution (InstantPanel®)

InstantHMI Touch Panel solutions are ideal for your machine control applications. Several screen sizes, two serial ports (RS-232/485 configurable), one Ethernet port and three USB 2.0 ports provide a wide variety of communication options. Built-in Compact Flash card slot and 44-pin IDE interface provide multiple storage options.


  GoToMyHMI Web Server

GoToMyHMI Web Server enables remote monitoring and control access to Human Machine Interface (HMI) Server software running on a Windows PC or CE platform, from any browser enabled device including iPad, iPhone, Smartphone and laptop.


  New Report Designer for Stunning Reports

 Report Designer now supports RTF for Reports
(Brochure: Dec 2011)


  Alarm Management

InstantHMI 6.1 supports Alarm Management Features compatible with ANSI/ISA - 18.2 - 2009 standards. Reference Source: We highly recommend the excellent book published by ISA in 2011: “Alarm Management”, by authors Bill Hollifield and Eddie Habibi. This is a regulatory standard that applies to all processes and systems although it has a built-in grand father clause for existing systems. At Design time Tags can be configured for alarms including priority, zone, etc. At Runtime, the operator can view only selected alarms by filtering alarms according to priority and zone, and then acknowledge individually or in groups. All transitions into and out of alarm states, along with operator acknowledgements and missed acknowledgements, are logged and the logged alarm history can also be viewed and printed.

    Alarm Management Brochure | Details in Manual Section 17 

  Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler, as implemented in InstantHMI 6.1, simplifies complex tasks that otherwise may require writing elaborate scripts. We introduce and describe the Task Scheduler functionality in the context of a reporting task to do hourly spooling and daily reports.

  Task Scheduler Brochure | Details in Manual Section 16 

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